Feed Calculator

*Feed and Chick prices indicated below are subject to change without prior notification and customers should consult with their nearest branch for updated prices.

Number of day old chicks
Finance interest rates % per annum
Item Total Costs (US$)
Cost of day old chicks -
Broiler Starter 1 - 14 Days @ 0.5kg feed per bird--
Broiler Grower 15 - 28 Days @ 1.5kg feed per bird--
Broiler Finisher 29 - Slaughter @ 1.5kg per bird--
Transport of feed @ $12/per tonne--
Veterinary Medicines + other overheads
Vitamins Stress Pack @ U$3/100g--
Medication / antibiotics, etc @ US$5/100grams--
Vaccinations Lasota @ US$5.50/1000 doses--
Chlorex to use with vaccine @ US$4 / unit--
Mortalities -
Labour, Electricity, gas, brooding, litter, water and other farm costs @ US$0.20/BIRD (Estimate) -

Interest for 2 months-
Total Variable Costs-


Selling price for live birds (US$)
Expected gross income-
Less total variable costs-
Percentage profit margin (%)-


  1. This model is self-calculating. Just plug your number of birds and the appropriate numbers will come up.
  2. If you use borrowed money, plug in the interest you are charged per annum and the cost of this money will also be factored in.
  3. The vaccines cost is tricky for less than 1000 birds given that the vaccines are sold in doses of 1000 each, and once opened, cannot be stored for future use.
  4. The above vaccine cost is proportional to the flock size, but might need to factor in the full cost of the 1000 doses.
  5. The transport cost of the feed varies widely - some say they pay a dollar per bag, some US$0.50 per bag. We have used the commercial rate proportionally.
  6. The overheads on labour, electricity, bedding, water and other costs vary widely: we have used a rough average of the commercial rates and small scale rates.
  7. The revenue here assumes birds being sold live, typical of a small scale set-up. Those who sell otherwise will need to plug in their particular numbers.

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