Corporate Responsibility

  • Profeeds believes giving back to the community and empowering them with skills to allow them to become independent
  • Poultry farming offers good returns on investment and not only allows you to feed yourself and families but allows you to create your own income
  • Profeeds offers free training seminars to all our customers throughout Zimbabwe on good management practices
  • Profeeds is also involved in a number of Poultry projects e.g. The Dotito Project - chicken producing project set up at Dotito Primary School in Mt Darwin. Irvines Zimbabwe teamed up with Innscor to meet the costs of constructing a poultry house, which houses 2000 broilers. Irvines then donated the Cobb chicks and Profeeds the feed for these 2000 birds.  The idea behind this project is for the school to consistently grow broilers in the correct way so as to: 1. raise some money for school projects. 2. Practically teach the school children and other community members on how to correctly grow chickens so they can also do the same at their homes.
  • Profeeds has been working with a group in Bulawayo, The Sandra Jones Centre, that offer Therapeutic Riding to children with  physical and mental disabilities.
  • Pro dog chunks donate 50c to the Zimbabwe SPCA on every bag sold 

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