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Profeeds was established in 2007 as a stock feed manufacturing plant. With 13 years of performance stock feed manufacturing; we cover a variety of species. We're specialists in Poultry (Broiler and Layer), Cattle, Horse, Pig, Goat, Rabbit, Dog and Aquatic feed.

Profeeds was founded in 2007 as a stock feed manufacturing plant, initially producing 150MT of chicken feed per month for a few commercial poultry farmers. Fast-forward to the end of 2019, Profeeds manufactured 136 000MT of feed into the Zimbabwean market through commercial growers, wholesale distributors and our proficient retail network of stores.
Specialising in poultry feed, both for broilers and layers, our product basket includes performance feed for pig, horse, cattle, goat, rabbit and dog food, as well as fish feed, Aquafeeds from our subsidiary Fish Feed Private Limited.
Back in 2010, after establishing a key partnership with the biggest chicken producer in Zimbabwe, Irvine's Zimbabwe, Profeeds opened our very first retail store which, focused on the small scale chicken farmer and providing a total poultry solution for them.
Today, our retail platform extends to 45 retail stores nationwide with continued planned expansion throughout Zimbabwe. These are made up with Profeeds City's, Centres and our newly introduced Profarmer Hub and Xpresses (2019).  Our vast retail platfrom provides a complete agri-solution for Zimbabwe farmers with stockfeed, veterinary products, equipment, implements, seed, fertilizer and other agri inputs. Making our stores a one-stop feed and farm solution and shopping Hub. 

Profeeds pioneered the three-phase pelleted feed in Zimbabwe; Starter, Grower and Finisher categories to the small scale Zimbabwean farmer.

Pellets vs Mash. Profeeds has developed a range of 3 phase pellet products for its customer base, which, previously used a 2 phase mash product. The benefits of a pelleted feed are:
  1. Less wastage
  2. Effective and Lower Feed Conversion (1.7 - 1.6)
  3. Bird uses 30% less energy digesting same
  4. Improved hygiene as it involves a heat process
With our small scale farmer in mind, we developed specialised training seminars on Broiler Management, and together with our partners at Irvine’s Zimbabwe began sharing best practice techniques that yield maximum results. This training is close to our heart at Profeeds; we hold free training seminars throughout the year and train on average between 7500-9000 small scale chicken farmers anually. 2019 saw the introduction of Layer Management and Aquatic Fish Husbandry training sessions whilst, 2020 sees further development into Cattle and Goat rearing.
Our retail footprint is spread throughout Zimbabwe and through this network we distribute our acclaimed  Profeeds performance feed, Irvine’s Day Old chicks (Cobb 500), Hukuru's Day Old chicks (Ross), Point of Lay hens (Charles Stewart and Hy-line breeds) poultry equipment, veterinary medicines, vitamins, bio-security chemicals and poultry house cleaning chemicals; Seed, fertilizer, argi-supplies and chemicals, implements and equipment. We are your feed and farm professionals; a farming hub, one-stop solution centre for our Zimbabwean discerning small-scale farmer. All our contact details can be found on our 'Contact Us' page,

International trends and feed innovation is at the forefront of our minds; 

At Profeeds, we continue to invest in up-to-date plant machinery, expand storage facilities and develop our staff expertise. This allows us to lead a competitive industry and deliver expected results to our growing base of customers.

Profeeds is passionate about growth: partner with performance and get your project off to the very best start! Get in touch with us today and speak to our experts to help guide you in your project plans.


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