Corporate Responsibility

At Profeeds we're passionate about giving back to our communities and support a number of charitable organisations on regular basis as well as ad-hoc assistance. A summary of who and what we have been doing recently.

Profeeds believes in giving back to the community and empowering our customers with the skills and knowledge to become independent.

At the onset of of FY2024 Profeeds’ strategy towards our CSR programs focused on sustainable community empowerment, particularly to the farming communities within which we operate. Additionaly, being the premier stock feed manufacturer in Zimbabwe, a second pillar of CSR is geared towards animal welfare projects and wildlife conservation. We have collaborated with strategic partners, which allows a greater reach as well as giving our community beneficiaries exposure to skilled experts in their fields.

At Profeeds and Profarmer we are passionate about bringing and sharing knowledge with our community – to Inspire and empower them; to give them the knowledge and confidence a to start and succeed in their very own projects as well as highlighging all their needs are conveniently available via our nationwide network of stores – spanning all 10 provinces in Zimbabwe.

For the last 10+ years Profeeds have trained thousands of Zimbabweans throughout the country on best practices for sustainable and succuessful poultry projects. FY2024, we continue to reach out and avail these free training workshops to any farmer interested in livestock rearing offering supplementary income channels and showcasing  projects for sustainable growth in their livihoods.

Additionally, this year we expanded our programs to include horticulture management training, particularly as our stores now cater all farming essentials, inclusive of seed, agro chemicals and equipment. These trainings began with showcasing Potato farming with the onset of potato tuber availablity through our retail network and developed into additional seasonal horticulture vegetables.  Aquaculture, pig husbandry trainings are also performed and the growing  partnership we have with  The National Kraal has allowed us to penetrate deeper into cattle managment and pen fattening training which includes and highlights understanding of prevalent diseases and products needed to combat any national outbreak.

Our training programs, and visits are spear headed by  Technical Specilists and Regional Sales Managemer – they are a highlighly passionate groups of experts within the company who engage with our customers, orangisations/institutions, Schools, as well as the Ministry and Agricultural event management commitees. They attend and schedule both Profeeds organised trainings,  visit customers farms for on-farm practials and and showcase our products and services at events, field days and agricultural shows organised by both Ministry and independent third-party organisations.


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