Profeeds Chick N Feed Promotion

4 August 2015

Promotion runs from October 5th 2015 until 31 January 2016. Win Free Chicks and Feed for ONE YEAR and stand a chance to win 35 store prizes of 100 Chicks and corresponding Profeeds feed.

Terms and Conditions

1.  To be eligible to enter the customer must purchase the following products

a. 100 Irvine's day old chicks
b. 1 x 50kg Starter
c. 3 x 50kg Grower
d. 3 x 50kg Finisher

2. On purchasing the first box of chicks , the customer will receive an entry card. The entry card must be kept safe by the customer to use for their next purchase. The Profeeds Centre/Container shop assistant will stamp and sign the corresponding box when the chicks/feed have been purchased.

3. No Lost Cards will be replaced

4. Only complete entry forms, showing all CHICK and FEED requirements have been purchased with corresponding stamp and signatures, together with customer details can be submitted for entry.

5. Entries will be placed into as sealed competition Bucket.

6. When the Promotion ends, the sealed buckets will be collected and winners drawn in Harare at Profeeds Head Office

7. Winners will be notified by Phone, Winners may also be required to travel to Harare for Prize giving

8. Prizes

a. Grand Prize – Free Chicks and Feed for 1 YEAR. The Grand prize is based on 100 Chicks and corresponding Feed,  delivered every 2 months
b. 35 Store Prizes – 100 chicks and corresponding feed


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