Pig Creep Meal/Pellets


Pig • Price (from): $33.00

(21% Crude Protein)

Piglets grow on the mother’s milk and supplementary pig feed. For those pigs which succeed in surviving the initial few days of life, body weight doubles during each subsequent week for at least three weeks. This demonstrates that there is a huge quantity of nutrients that need to be supplied by the milk and creep feed to the litter. Sow milk does not contain an adequate quantity of nutrients to support and sustain the rapid growth rate of the young pig beyond 21 days of age.

Profeeds creep meal/pellets are uniquely designed to maximize palatability for the post natal piglet to maximise growth. Under the conditions of low milk production, creep feed should be provided to the litter. Normally young pigs become interested in creep feed at around 7-10 days.

Feed Profeeds Creep/Pellets, ad lib, from around Day 7 up to Day 28, after which change over gradually to Profeeds Pig Weaner Meal.

The Average daily feed allowance is 0.36kg per pig.


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