Chick Starter Mash

Poultry - Layer

Poultry - Layer • Price (from): $33.00

(18.5% Crude Protein)
This is the starting feed for layer pullet chicks. This feed is meant to give the chicks a good start to life by developing the essential life support systems like the circulatory, respiratory, skeletal and other systems.

It is important for the chick to get this type of feed from day old because the results have a bearing on its laying life. This feed is fed from Day one to the end of the 8th week (0 to 8 weeks). For budgeting purposes, work on a feed consumption of 1.7kg to 2kg of feed per bird during the 8 weeks.

When you feed, please monitor the weight gains of the bird as it is essential to achieve the recommended weights for your breed.

Please consult your chick supplier for this weight guide.


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