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2 February 2016 Causes of White Yolks Would you like to understand more on egg yolk colouring? Then click below for our article, written for you by Raymond Murombedzi, Technical Field Officer at Profeeds. What colour are your yolks?
9 January 2016 Correct Use of Concentrates Definition Concentrates are incomplete mixed feeds that require WHOLE MAIZE to make them nutritionally balanced for the relevant livestock. Concentrates are formulated to be exactly the same after mixing with WHOLE MAIZE as straight feeds (pellets or mash). Maize is the primary source of energy in stock feeds. Concentrates are designed to cater for the price conscious farmer who has access to good quality but affordable WHOLE MAIZE. At Profeeds we only use grades A B MAIZE for our feed...
13 December 2015 Management Tips for Point of Lay Pullets Please click on the link below for the Point of Lay (POL) management tips. Profeeds Point of Lay Management Tips
7 December 2015 Book your Tilapia Fingerlings at Profeeds Centre Masvingo We are pleased to advise that Profeeds Centre Masvingo are taking bookings for Tilapia Fingerlings for delivery 17th December 2015. Please contact our Profeeds Centre Masvingo branch at 18A Bradburn Road and Tel 0777 645 594 500 fingerlings cost $50
6 December 2015 Chick Pricing at Profeeds Centres Nationwide Please be advised that Irvine s Day Old Chick are available at all Profeeds Centres and Containers nationwide at the following prices - effective 7th December 2015.
9 September 2015 Ascites Important information provided by Profeeds Technical Specialists What is Ascites? Also known as water belly or avian edema, ascites is a condition where there is accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity due to liver, heart or lung damage. It is related to rapid growth rate and high oxygen demand. It mainly kicks in during winter when environmental temperatures are low. It mostly affects birds aged 4 weeks and onwards. What causes Ascites? Lack of oxygen inside the poultry house causes the right side of the heart to work harder in order ...
4 August 2015 Profeeds Chick N Feed Promotion Promotion runs from October 5th 2015 until 31 January 2016. Win Free Chicks and Feed for ONE YEAR and stand a chance to win 35 store prizes of 100 Chicks and corresponding Profeeds feed. Terms and Conditions 1. To be eligible to enter the customer must purchase the following products a. 100 Irvine s day old chicks b. 1 x 50kg Starter c. 3 x 50kg Grower d. 3 x 50kg Finisher 2. On purchasing the first box of chicks , the customer will receive an entry card. The entry card mu...

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