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17 June 2016 Farmers Tips - Winter Broiler Production Winter Broiler Production Hesitating to keep broilers is a thing of the past to those who have mastered correct broiler management. The following are necessary tips for a success production of healthy birds in winter. Ventilation – Chickens naturally create a lot of moisture in their breath and droppings hence there is need for adequate ventilation to avoid accumulation of Ammonia gas which affects eyes and the respiratory system of the birds. Use poly-hessian material to...
13 June 2016 Pig Feed Prices SLASHED! Profeeds is thrilled to bring you slashed prices on our Pig Feed! Pig Creap $29.50, Weaner $29.00, Grower Meal $26, Grower Concentrate $33, Finisher Meal $25.50, Finisher Concentrate $29, Boar Sow $24.50 and Lactating Sow Meal $27.
8 June 2016 Profeeds Winter Promotion 2016 PROFEEDS WINTER PROMOTION 2016 The Profeeds Winter Promotion kicks off on 8 June 2016 and will run until 31 August 2016. During this time, for every $25 you spend, you will receive a promotion sticker! Collect 12 of these and stand a chance to win 1 of 16 cash prizes, up to and including $5000. For any further clarification, app/call or message us on +236 772 125 422 English Click here Ndebele Click here Shona Click here Terms and Conditions Below Promo...
27 May 2016 Podcasts! The Profeeds Technical team are busy putting together some podcasts so you can listen and learn in your own time! All you need to do is follow the link to soundcloud to either download or listen! If these interest you, get in touch with us and let us know what topics you would like to get covered.
16 March 2016 Winners of the Chick N Feed Promotions Oct 2015- Jan 2016 Grand Prize Winners - Free chicks and feed for 1 year Cosmas Munyimi (Customer at Chick Sales) Store winners - 100 chicks and feed Chenayi Mutero (Irvines) Madalisto Muconon (Mutare) Masimu Simson (Mutoko) Tsitsi Muzinda (Victoria Falls) Marimo Talent (Wedza) N Sithole (Rushinga) Andrew Manyika (Zvishavane) Makamure Viola (Chinhoyi) Mawodza Timoth (Exhibition Park) Ralph Nzeve (Maplanka) Machipisa Tawona (Mt Darwin) Last Mutseta (Guruve) Rachel Chigumbu ...
19 February 2016 The effects of Mosquitos and other insects on your flock To learn more about the effects of mosquitos and other insects on your poultry flock, please click here .
2 February 2016 Causes of White Yolks Would you like to understand more on egg yolk colouring? Then click below for our article, written for you by Raymond Murombedzi, Technical Field Officer at Profeeds. What colour are your yolks?
9 January 2016 Correct Use of Concentrates Definition Concentrates are incomplete mixed feeds that require WHOLE MAIZE to make them nutritionally balanced for the relevant livestock. Concentrates are formulated to be exactly the same after mixing with WHOLE MAIZE as straight feeds (pellets or mash). Maize is the primary source of energy in stock feeds. Concentrates are designed to cater for the price conscious farmer who has access to good quality but affordable WHOLE MAIZE. At Profeeds we only use grades A B MAIZE for our feed...
13 December 2015 Management Tips for Point of Lay Pullets Please click on the link below for the Point of Lay (POL) management tips. Profeeds Point of Lay Management Tips
7 December 2015 Book your Tilapia Fingerlings at Profeeds Centre Masvingo We are pleased to advise that Profeeds Centre Masvingo are taking bookings for Tilapia Fingerlings for delivery 17th December 2015. Please contact our Profeeds Centre Masvingo branch at 18A Bradburn Road and Tel 0777 645 594 500 fingerlings cost $50

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