Fish (Aquafeeds)

Tilapia (aka Bream) farming is a fast growing practice
in Zimbabwe.
Profeeds is pleased to introduce Aquafeeds, our
premium quality tilapia feeds that are made from high
quality raw materials and fortified with Omega 3.
Omega 3 are fatty acids that have proven health
benefits for both the fish and the end consumer.
The Tilapia pellets undergo an extrusion process. This
means they are fully cooked and enables them to float.
Floating pellets prevent overfeeding as the farmer
can see how much the fish are eating.

All Aquafeeds products are available from Profeeds Centres nationwide. In addition, fingerlings will be available to order through Profeeds Factory during season on behalf of  reputable local specilaist hatcheries.

Download: Aquafeeds Feeding Flyer

Download: Fish Chart to Scale

Download : Aquafeeds Fish Manual

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