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Layer Range
Modern layer birds have been genetically developed for a reduced age at reproductive maturity, increased food conversion efficiency and hence increased egg production. Whilst the ultimate goal for an egg farmer is to get the birds to consistently lay more eggs, the stages through which the bird passes in that developmental journey are equally critical. It is vital to follow best practices and management of the bird from day one. Of this total management, feed is the most critical, since feed costs make up at least 70% of all the costs of rearing chickens.

Profeeds produce all the required superior feeds to properly nourish the layer bird at all stages of the growth journey.

The Profeeds 5 Phase Layer Feeding Programme consists of the following:

1) Profeeds Chick Starter Mash

2) Profeeds Layer Developer Mash

3) Profeeds Pre-Lay Mash

4) Profeeds Layer in Production Mash 1

5) Profeeds Layer in Production Mash 2



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