Profeeds have developed a range of balanced feeds, scientifically designed to compliment the horse’s digestive tract and advance athletic performance. Calculating a suitable feed ration depends on the following factors – size, age, breed and the nature of the work the horse is doing.

Profeeds, in keeping with current international trends, have seen us revise and redesign our horse cubes. The new cube has huge benefits, it allows for a greater moisture content within the cube, and accommodates the oats and barley that we use in our cubes in the best raw state rather than having to be ground up too much. This maintains a more natural balance of nutrition in the feed.

We are receiving great reviews from our existing customers, and Profeeds continue to strive to produce the finest equestrian feed in Zimbabwe at very competitive prices. Our range covers a full spectrum from pony meal, maintenance, breeding/sporting, high activity and a new Profeeds Sport Muesli and SuperSport Muesli.  The high energy muesli feeds are unique in that they are the only horse muesli feeds made in Zimbabwe. The Profeeds Sport Muesli range are fortified with well-balanced, comprehensive vitamin and mineral additions. The trace minerals are in organic complexes with amino acids and such complexes are more easily absorbed. These include copper, chromium, manganese, zinc and selenium. In addition, we include a yeast enriched with selenium that will aid in fibre digestion, which is key in horse nutrition.
Dr. Karl Vaeun Lauren has had Profeeds products analyzed in America and has been very positive about the results. We are working closely with him on his suggestions and look forward to bringing you an even better feed. Profeeds continued research, development and improved technology on their horse feed range makes all of us in the Zimbabwean equestrian world ‘winners!’

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